Celebrate Black History Month @ Gallery17.92 and GeoffreyStudio

To Celebrate Black History Month Gallery17.92 and GeoffreyStudio has teamed up Dave Manor & Liza Vorster to Help Support Native African Artist

In 2000 Dave Manor went to South Africa on what became a long strange journey.  The journey ended up lasting 3.5 years when he discovered the best way to meet a nation was through its’ artists. 

He began to seek out to meet and befriend some Africans selling art along the road.  He then discovered Zimbabwe was the African nation most famous for art. He organized road trip to seek out art. This trip led to him to an undiscovered art world and his need to support these African artists, who were often poor and found art as an only mean to support their family.

Dave began buying art in Zimbabwe and neighboring nations (Namibia & Mozambique). At first he bought pieces in small lots and started to display this art in the hiking lodge he was running. He ended up enjoying the art and artist so much that he organized a container full of his favorite art to ship home in Orlando to share with others. 

Dave ended up meeting Liza, a native South African, on one of his journey’s. Because Liza had a passion for hiking, art and minerals like Dave she ended up moving with him to the USA. Today Liza & Dave sell a wide range of African art and minerals from a home base in Orlando. They often return to Cape Town to visit family / friends and to buy more art and minerals.

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