We are the Gregory’s and we originally hailed from Ohio.

Geoff(me), Nanette(wife) and Chase(son) moved to Orlando in 2004 just in time for all 4 Hurricanes. We survived and have grown into the family you see in the picture. We are aunts, and uncles, fathers, grandfathers, nephews and in-laws in touch with each other like midwestern born family with blood lines going back to Whales, France and other European nations.

We are all a little creative, love art and the outdoors. We are all excited about our new adventure and looking forward to the future here in Orlando, Florida. Geoff's earlier career he sold sheet metal machines including high powered lasers for the sheet metal industry. After 29 years helping company after company, late nights and weeks away from family, the machine company laid off their best sales person. Being a handy craftsman his whole life, people are hiring Geoff for creative building type ideas, and even small trinkets and toys. He's remodeled kitchens and floors and helped tirelessly to build his brothers house with him. The measure twice cut once saying is his moto. Now Geoff has a picture framing shop close to downtown in an eclectic art gallery made out of an old motel building. Find the address and more info about the frame shop click here.

Geo handles the day to day of GeoffreyStudio and all the framing.

Nano helps out with the art gallery, as she is the artist herself (acrylics mainly), and handle all marketing efforts as she has over 20 years of experience.

Chase provides our video and photo support as he over 15 years of experience.