How to Frame Your Photographs So They Will Provide A Lifetime of Enjoyment

Most people think… I’ll just shop at IKEA, Hobby Lobby or something similar to buy a frame for my photograph. Granted, these stores do have good inexpensive options.

Yet, if you are framing a photo you want to keep for a lifetime such as a baby, wedding, special event, once in a lifetime vacation and more these might NOT be the best option for you.


They are inexpensive for several reasons:

– The glass not designed to protect the photo from sunlight, even though you think it might be a dark corner

– The matt and glass often does not provide the right air gap so the photo can warp

– The backing board is not the best or missing in order to protect your photo from dust, insects, paint fumes, cleaning chemicals, moisture and more

– Lignin, found in less expensive wood frames, can also fade or yellow photographs

– Not designed to prevent insects from making holes and stains

Here is what to do instead to protect the image:

-Choose your glass with care, select an anti-reflection or non-glare glass and UV filtering glass may be appropriate for some locations.

Baby Photos

-Choose a mat board made from cotton rag or alpha cellulose or acid free

-Select photo-safe adhesives, and other materials marked “museum quality.”

-Make sure to include picture frames spacers to prevent the image from sticking to the glass.

-Properly put backing paper to seal the photo against humidity, insects and other pollutants

If you wish to protect your important photos properly by doing it yourself consider taking it to a professional framer such as Gallery 17.92 / Geoffrey Studio

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